The Low Bed XL (brands may vary) swiftly moves from 7.5" to 28" powered by whisper quiet motors. It is lighter than most high/low beds and can be easily moved at any height and in any position.

The Bed moves quickly straight up and straight down so there is no horizontal translation, thus eliminating wall scratches or gouges.

The Low Bed XL Riser features include:

  • Low height of 8" is perfect for Alzheimer's and dementia residents
  • Adjustable height to 28" for easy ingress/egress and staff convenience
  • Entrapment compliant with properly sized mattress
  • 500 lbs safe working load
  • Bed rolls and locks at any height
  • Bed goes straight up and straight down
  • Swivel braking casters at all four corners allows for excellent maneuverability
  • Rectangular rib steel deck sleep surface provides a smooth safe surface, long linen life, excellent mattress aeration, and ease of cleaning
  • Bed rolls and locks at any height for immediate bed transport or movement
  • Powered by four hospital grade DC motors for quiet, long lasting reliability
  • Thermoset powder epoxy coating on metal surfaces provides extreme durability
  • 5 function controller, including Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg
  • 84” sleep deck
  • Comes from IME defined perimeter mattress.

Indications include: Fall prevention, Restraint Reduction, Increased Mobility and Independence, Decrease Liability Issues